Quality politics

Darkness Tech SL It dedicates its design activity to a wide range of sectors, highlighting among them the automobile and accessories sector. The priority of Darkness Tech SL is to achieve recognition from your clients and interested parties for a job well done, meeting their requirements and needs.

To get it, Darkness Tech SL guides its management to:

  • Optimize our work procedures based on the Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • Become collaborators, not remain a mere supplier, advising on any doubts that may arise and collaborating in the development of the requested products.
  • The provision of the necessary resources, both material and human, as well as an ideal environment to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Darkness Tech SL is aware that good product and service quality, as well as respect for the environment and, above all, the safety of its workers are of utmost importance to achieve its objectives.
  • The workers of Darkness Tech SL They are aware of the negative consequences of the impact of a Non-Compliant product reaching our customers and the extra cost that this entails.
  • Darkness Tech SL facilitates a work environment that encourages the following key factors in achieving and maintaining an appropriate work environment:
    - Commitment to Quality, both in terms of product, service and customer service.
    - Environmental care.
    - Safety in the workplace.
    - The importance of teamwork.
    - Respect for your partner.
    - Promote mutual trust.
  • The obligatory compliance with the legislation and regulations that affect Darkness Tech SL , its designs and its products. In the case of non-compliance, adopt the necessary corrective actions and follow-up by designating those responsible for its solution.
  • Responsibility and involvement of each employee in this Policy.
  • A Continuous Improvement of our processes, products, services and the training of your staff, as well as the commitment to data protection.
  • Management acquires the commitment to achieve the set objectives, and for those that have not been achieved, open the necessary actions to achieve their fulfillment.
  • The activity of Darkness Tech SL It focuses on “Design of products and tools in composite materials” and “Design of molds for the manufacture of parts in composite materials”.

The Quality Policy is disseminated to all people in the company through the information panels, as well as to interested parties who request it.