Our history!

Darkness Tech was born in 2016 from the idea between two brothers in order to be able to manufacture pieces in composite materials of the best possible quality.

Previous knowledge in this sector allowed us to develop this new stage with more ambition and enthusiasm. The client and the high trend in these materials being one of our main focuses of attention.

Our facilities!

Our facilities are located in Calanda (Teruel) a few kilometers from Motorland Aragón, a circuit recognized worldwide.

We have more than 2000m² of facilities where we can develop our full potential. We have the capacity to develop a piece from 0 to 100... That is to say; We design, manufacture and give the final finish. We have all the necessary means for this.

2 Autoclaves +5m

The autoclave process guarantees uniform pressure, so structural parts can be cured and molded under constant pressure. The inside of the tank is heated by hot air circulation, the temperature is uniform and adjustable, to ensure that the temperature is strictly controlled within the process adjustment range.

Numerical control plotter

Cutting patterns by numerical control offers us the opportunity for greater precision when manufacturing parts and greater use of materials. In this way we can save time and material in this process.

2.5m cnc milling machine

From our CAD/CAM department we move on to the matrices, which are the reproduction of the final piece, and as such we must mill them with the highest quality and finish possible, as it will be the reflection of our final piece. For this reason we have a 3-axis milling machine in our facilities. With it we manage to turn our designs into reality.

Contact information

Pol. Ind. Cueva San Jose II Nave 8 Calanda Teruel Spain


Mon - Thu, 7:00am - 3:20pm

Friday, 7:00am - 2:20pm

Tel: +34 622714307

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